17 July 2007

A Photographic Tribute to My Camera: Around Town

Various shots from around Seattle.


Heart Rocks

Birds at Sunset

The 60s Live On in Fremont

Folk Life Festival

Fountain Fun

Dancers at Folk Life

(I just loved these guys)

Hell & Damnation

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
(Bat-n-Rouge softball game, Dykes v. Drag Queens, Pride kick-0ff)

Our Favorite Drag Queen
(The only one to run the bases in high heels! Go, girl!)

(Photo credit: the Male Offspring)

Pike Place Market

Post Alley

Piano Practice
(Summer 05)

Sunset at the Beach


  1. Lovin' 'em Cowbell!
    I see some of your talent has been passed along to male offspring. :)

  2. I am re-living these moments with you. Some serious poetry being inspired over up in here I'll have you know.

  3. Sling: yes, he's surprisingly good with the shots - maybe it's the video game and computer influence? I'll pass that along -- he was pleased to see "his sky" in the lineup.

    Kedves Sapkam! Thank you! Hmm, if I'm inspiring poetry, I'll have to consider posting something a little more risque...

  4. - worth a thousand words! (or 100,000 characters of 'texting')

  5. Beautiful photos and city. Looking forward to seeing some of that stuff in person in a couple of months!

  6. No comment on the tongue, I've exhausted my perversity at Hat's, I must be on good behavior for a while. You have to buy another camera NOW! Seriously honey, you have an eye for photography, and you really need to keep pursuing it. I think you should save up and get the Rebel or something better, that allows you to change lenses and explore your vision better. These shots are all excellent, and you obviously enjoy yourself while taking images. Try checking out B&H camera and Video in New York, they have an excellent website and low prices. We buy from them a lot for the biz.

  7. what incredible shots ... love the Where's Waldo? one. You have a real eye.

    Still want to bitch slap little miss smack-into-people-who-are-in-my-way right up against the side of her self-centred little head!

  8. Ridiculously talented you are.

  9. Tater: Yes, you were actually one whom I thought surely would have something to say about the tongue. Good behavior? Impressive!

    You know, I really have thought about getting a "real" camera -- but I had a larger one before (not an SLR, just bigger size wise) and I never took it anywhere except to planned "events" or when I knew beforehand I'd be in a "scenic place". What would be great would be to have both, but that's not happening. I'm still exploring options. I'm back in research hell, blech. I will check out B&H -- I actually order from them fairly often at work. And thank you for the good words -- that means a lot, coming from you.

    Willym: Thanks! That shot actually should've been named Where's Batman! And thank you very much for the continued angryass energy directed at the bitchlet. What the hell happened to respect for elders? Not that I'm actually an "elder" for pete's sake, but you know what I mean. Why the hell did I step aside? Could shoulda woulda.

    BB: köszönöm szépen!

  10. had to come see the purrrrrrrdy pictures again :-)

  11. Hey, thank you, Lynette -- that brought a big smile before heading home for the day. Dear Camera's life was not in vain...

  12. GAW-CHUSS!!

    Wow, what times you and your lil' camera had ...

  13. Nice photos, especially Pike's Market and the drag queens. I like Seattle. I've been there two or three times. I want to go back because I neglected to take that underground tour that they offer.

  14. So....I got a new camera yesterday, cowbell. A nifty Sony DSC-N2. I thought of you. I have my Olympus still, but this one is very compact, has a Zeiss lens, is a 10 megapixel camera, has a 3" LCD display that has touch screen menus, takes really great pix, and was pretty reasonably priced. Now, I just need a case so it doesn't end up like yours! Maybe you need one of these?


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