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Hi, guys. Welcome. I know. Sort of different, sort of the same. I'm testing "pages" here, and will take this one down eventually. So the old place just felt too Seattle and had a lot of stuff that was either more private or was just plain crap. I wrote a lot of crap, y'all. The grey background brought the rain and cold back, too, but after all was said and done, the new place kind of ended up with the same text colors.

A lot of your lovely comments didn't transfer over. Sad. What's weird is that on almost all the stupid, shit posts that I kept in draft form here, all the comments imported, but on the posts I wanted to keep, most or all of the comments didn't make it. No idea why. I'm considering copying them over in a giant comment for a few of the posts, but that seems kind of cheesy and lame. I hate to lose them, though. Who knows.

 Anyway, welcome to the new joint. It's been nice to step back from the insipidness of Facebook, so thanks for dragging my lazy ass back here. (Not that FB doesn't have its good points. There's room for both.)

So bienvenidos, y'all. Welcome. There's beer in the fridge. They put ice in it here. There's boxed wine, too. Watch out for the monkeys. They can be vicious little pricks.

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