16 July 2007

A Photographic Tribute to My Camera - Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula. Mist, rainforests, miles of grey ocean beaches. Solitude.
These are from different trips over the last 3 years.


Brave Tree
(This is actually on the Oregon coast, south of Cannon Beach. Good call, Hat!)

Above the Beach

Ruby Beach
(I think)

My (much younger) Son and Friend


Oyster Shells

The Eldest Daughter

The Ocean Dwarfs Her

Daughter and Seagull

Hungarian Friend's First Ocean

Sea Grass


  1. 'Daughter & Seagull' is my hands down fave. And is that 'Brave Tree' looking out to Cannon Beach from Ecola State park? Sure looks like it, but I can't tell if that's Haystack Rock in the background or not. You have a genuine talent girl! These are all just magnificent.

  2. Hat: Good call! I realized after I'd posted that the Brave Tree was not actually on the OP. I had it grouped there by mistake in my folders, with all the misty grey WA pics -- it never made it into its rightful place with all the bright blue OR pics of that summer. Thanks for the good words.

    Holy crap -- I just googled it, as I wasn't sure EXACTLY where on the OR coast I was when I snapped it (I foolishly waited too long to label them), and found a pic nearly identical to this one! Wow! I remember the stop -- I was tired despite non-stop triple-shot lattes that day, and we stopped to take a break.

    BB: A single fuck is never bad form.

    Nem -- nem Magyar, hanem Amerikai vagyok. Kaposváron éltem, hat éves. The kids are fluent, I speak about at toddler level. Probably less than that, now. Bless my landlords, they spoke no English (except for Viki, their eldest daughter) but we always managed to have long conversations. Did you live there?

  3. Shit. (Having already exhausted my single fuck.)

    I had to go look up Kaposvar, having never been there. Yah, I lived in Budapest for six, seven years. Half of those, I spent in the US part of the time, about three months of every year and then I hunkered down and got serious. Ha.

    I think Hungarians always thought I spoke Magyar MUCH better than I do just because I played with it so much. All it takes is one fabulous pun and your reputation's set for life. :)

  4. Great photos. One of these days I will travel out west. Love the pictures of the kids. I hope your cameraless days are numbered. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we'd all love to see more.

  5. BB: True! It was the same for me -- they all thought I spoke better than I really did. Much much more difficult than German. My landlords still laugh at how I used to say "the carpets are biting a lot today!" because carpet & mosquito are so similar.

    EvilG: thanks -- it is beautiful out here, i just wish it was hotter. I notice I"ve got more pics of the eldest daughter than anyone -- I think because the other two are always facing the camera, and I've got more shots of her where her face isn't visible. Internet freaks and all that.

  6. damn, these are just magnificent. i really, really, really want to head your way.


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