What the Hell?

I know. There are a shit-ton of blogs about Costa Rica. Breathless blogging through rose-colored glasses, the self-proclaimed expert bloggers fresh off the plane, the wanna-be Hemingways, and the bitter ones just bitching about Costa Rica not being a little 'Murka.

Who wants to join that crew and be mocked by people with good sense? Or adored by the unicorns-and-rainbows crowd, for that matter? Right. That's why I haven't written anything in four years. But I'm back now, bitches -- shiny, new blog and all. I imported a bit of the old stuff over because this place needed some furniture and to give newcomers a sense of who I am, but mostly it's a fresh start.

What you'll find here will be the middle road paved in sarcasm; my somewhat twisted but realistic take on life. No unicorns or rainbows, but not just bitching through gringa-cultured glasses, either.

Hey, at least we have monkeys. There's that.