13 August 2010

She Lives!

Not to be confused with the religious hymn, similarly titled.

I've been missing out on all of your lives. Unless you're on Facebook. You know who you are. And you've been missing out on me bitching about the requisite lack of sunshine, the infamous This Old Motherfucking House, and other adventures in the land of rain.

I ask you simply this: is it so wrong to consider up and leaving TOMH and moving to Costa Rica? For reals, people. Also, it appears that your favorite bitching blogger may be, finally, working on her love life. But it's complicated.

Also, I've lost 37 pounds, can run almost three miles and will be happy as hell in about 20 more pounds. Although the aforementioned love interest says to stop now with the weight loss. Gotta love that, eh ladies? Nice being seen through a non-US-beauty-standards lens. So yeah, it seems that military training has kicked in, overpowered the Seattle slump that was clinging to my ass like a Puget Sound barnacle, and I'm currently kicking my own ass all the way to finish line.

Hoooah, bitches.

I leave you with these thoughts, for now I must make the rounds and catch up on your lives. I have missed you, contrary to my apparent slackassedness and lack of interest, and will return shortly.