26 April 2007


Here's a little something I'm thinking about picking up.

Settle down, people, it's a dog toy.  For canines to chew on.  I present the Galileo, by Nylabone. It comes in three sizes: Souper, Wolf, and Petite. You can guess what size I'm going for.

I have Labs, folks, calm down.

Who comes up with this shit?  First I thought, gotta be a guy, but then ... well, maybe not. I'd invent that shit. This person is either sly and outrageously witty, or completely clueless. Here is the description:

Nylabone Galileo - World's Strongest Bone!
The Galileo is made of extra tough nylon, and is designed for powerful chewers. If you have a dog that has destroyed every toy you've given him in the past, THIS is the chew for you. The Souper size is a monster -- it measures nearly 7" long and 4" across the widest part, and weighs a lot. In fact, we've dubbed this toy "the toe buster"... we recommend you wear shoes when your dog plays with this one!

Souper size indeed. A monster? Well, I don't know about all that. You be the judge.  It does seem to have a hefty girth.

I'm just wondering if it really is indestructible. An indestructible dog toy would make me pretty damn excited, truth be told. Those jokers are expensive! I mean, the ones that last any length of time at all run $10 - $15 for big dogs.  I might actually buy this thing.

Maybe two.  You know, just to have an extra.