16 July 2007

A Photographic Tribute to My Camera: The Big Apple

A photographic tribute in honor of dear Camera.

I'll divide this into separate posts by subject or mood or whatever the hell strikes my fancy. Some of Camera's best work, of course, has people as the subject, and given my paranoia about internet freaks and their nefarious motives, those will, sadly, remain private.

It's most appropriate to start with selected photos from the Big Apple, when Camera first came into my life. We were just getting to know each other then, and were still a bit unsure of each other.

Please join me in reflecting on Camera's life through his good works.

Ah, the shows!
(I saw Wicked. )

Beauty From Stone

Tenement Housing

Central Park

Old World and Skyscrapers

and again

Bustling Metropolis

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