30 March 2007

My Mom Thinks I'm a Spinster.

And she aims to fix that.

I got this dancing hamster for the Spring Equinox, aka my birthday. I'm not sure why a dancing hamster dressed in a frog costume made my parents think of me, but it arrived with a note attached. In case you can't make it out in the photo, it reads:

Here's hoping that a kiss from you upon this frog will land you a HUSBAND!

Notice the emphasis on the word HUSBAND.

My mom is bound and determined that I be married. This is very important to her. Normal women, evidently, want to be married. I am just being stubborn. Her motive is not the usual "when will I have grandchildren" deal.  Been there, done that, got the divorce.

I'm fine being single. It's a choice, not a sentence, Mom. I remember when my mom found out, in an unfortunate casual conversation, that I'd actually passed up opportunities to be married again.  I thought she was going to burst a vein. Either that or take the wooden spoon to my ass, a la childhood.

Mom never misses an opportunity to oh-so-casually point out that not every marriage ends in divorce -- just look at her and my dad! Still happy! Still married! Mom is convinced that this whole issue is caused by residual bitterness over my own marriage ending. If I could just get over this silly "fear of marriage", everything would be fine.

I don't feel bitter about being single. I'm thankful as hell that particular unholy matrimony is null and void. Seriously, when I think about who I am now, compared to who I was then, no contest. When I think of who I would likely be now, had I remained in a wifely way... holy hell, a million thank-yous to my ex for his liberal interpretation of those marriage vows.

Didn't see it that way then, but Hindsight is a clear-sighted bitch.

Put it this way: the ex is getting remarried next month. In Las Vegas. No, they don't live there. They're flying from 12 time zones away to be married in Las Vegas. Their "wedding package" (yes, I said wedding package) includes Internet streaming so friends and family can join in the fun. All inclusive, y'all! They may see Britney Spears there. So yeah, there are definitely worse things than being single.

Being single has contributed immeasurably to untold personal growth and self-awareness, not to mention no longer looking like a housewife from What Not to Wear. I also had a hell of a lot of fun in the decade following said divorce.

Mom thinks life would be more fun, or at least more secure, if there were a full-time penis complete with legal papers and a ring around the house. And she ain't talking about the kind with batteries.  By "secure", she means entangled finances, like having a mortgage together and all.

That doesn't sound secure. I win the lottery, I'll feel secure.

Daddy just says, "Well, kid, people marry the first time for love. You see how that worked out. Marry for money. You can love rich as easy as you can love poor."

My dad also says, "Wherever you go, there you are," and "Pull my finger."

Mom knows of a guy who "would be perfect for me". I think his name is John. We are apparently both smart, witty, and like big dogs. In fact, John raises puppies to be service dogs. Pretty cool. John lives in the Midwest, near my parents. He also is a regular at Mom's church. Finally, during a visit home, I told her it would never work. Besides the fact that I live in Seattle, the whole religion thing is a definite no-go. I suspect this plan of Mom's was a Two-Fer. Get me married and get me back in the church. Oh, and back in Ohio. That too.

So, my mom is basically Yente to my Tzeitel. Thus the dancing hamster in a frog costume. I kissed it. Nothing happened.



  1. A dancing hamster in a frog costume WITH an awkward parental note attached. Wow. I though my mom gave me bizarre presents.
    Consider me warned about my own clueless parental gift-giving in the future.
    Also, isn't matchmaking, perpretrated by anyone, moms or otherwise, sort of a form of bad gifting behavior? It's like giving someone something that you want more than they do.
    Please do hang in there with your single and happy self.

  2. oh this killed me! i remember when my father sent me a birthday card with the note: "You're 23 now. It's time to start examining your prospects." Heh. Little did he know, the sweet thing, that I'd been examining my prospects in microscopic detail and with amazing vigor for the previous 7 years.

    I never wanted to marry either, yet here I am, married now for 7 years. I was fine with shacking up, though I do believe the best way to be coupled is to live next door to one another. Always keeps things fresh, exciting, like dates 2-3 months into a relationship. Not so new as to be uncomfy, not so old as to be too comfy.

    Didn't see it that way then, but Hindsight is a clearsighted bitch.

    Love that . . . love it.

  3. Maybe you could tell mom you kissed the frampster and immediately after an Ellen Degeneres look-alike entered your life and got you thinking of trading off, so to speak.

    You know... turn the guilt back on her. Make her wonder what she did to make you gay.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts, y'all. Well, the Dancing Hamster has been amusing my colleagues anyway.

    Lynette -- YES! So I'm not crazy for thinking a duplex would be the ultimate marriage house?! I mean seriously, best of both worlds, right?

    eurotrippen -- goodgawd, what are you trying to do to my mom? Ellen?! The marriage dream would never be realized then. Unless Pseudo-Ellen & I moved to Massachusetts...

    HP -- Yes. I told Mom I kissed it and nothing happened. This means I'm still on the prayer list(s).

  5. I'm sure they have best intentions, but unfortunately they are not your best intentions.

    Keep kissing the frogs, however. You're not likely to marry them, but you might find the occasional bedroom artist.

    (Thanks for the comment on my site!)

  6. My mom still has her fingers crossed for me as well. Been there, done that is not good 'nuff. Sigh. At 23 I was "too young" to get married...at 33 I'm now officially getting "too old." The phrase in spanish is to be "left behind."

    I like your dad's advice though...now where would those single millionares be living????

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