16 July 2007

A Photographic Tribute to My Camera: Oregon

Summer 2005. My Hungarian landlord's daughter, Viki, came to stay with us for the summer. Her first time on an airplane.

Teen Demon went to track camp in Oregon that year, so we picked her up and made a trip out of it, driving down through Oregon to Crater Lake, back up the coast on the Olympic Peninsula around back home.

This is the Oregon part of the trip, sunny, hot and perfect. The high desert skies were the the bluest I'd ever seen. Pictures don't really do it justice, but plucky dear Camera did his best to capture the essence of that summer trip.

Wildflowers at a Roadside Lake

Reaching for the Sun

Icy River Race
Viki and the Male Offspring (pre-growth spurt)

Riding the Current

Oregon Summer

Lonely Tree

Twilight Mountain View

Crater Lake

Phantom Ship


Nature's Castle
(The orange rocky formation, on the right is the Pumice Castle.
Click on it to see it -- I love this)

Wind, Mist and Moon


  1. Camera should feel honored. That orange thing is not man-made? Wild.

  2. Wow, that little guy really did take fantastic pictures. Of course, most of it depends on the photographer, but still. I particularly love "Blue", "Oregon Summer" and "Riding the Current", but they're all great.

  3. Only the good die young.
    Terrific round of pix in both your tributes MC!
    I'm especially diggin' the Cathedral/skyscraper shots.

  4. Allan: no, it's not manmade. The Pumice Castle is different layers of pumice, left from a previous volcanic eruption. When the BIG eruption happened (thousands of years later, i think) which caused the mountain to collapse into itself (thus the crater), it uncovered the pumice formations.

    QJ: yeah, he was a great camera. I mean, for such a tiny little thing, it did a lot.

    Sling: yes, and Camera was the best of them.

  5. The camera- a good and dependable friend. Your talent.. well dear another camera will come to help you focus again. Your eye is amazing! Equipment is helpful, but it's the eye and mind of the photographer in the end product after all.

    You make me almost want to relocate to the great Northwest.. almost- wimpy me couldn't take the climate. My tired old ass is about as far north as it's ever going to tolerate. But visits are nice. In the summer.

  6. Doralong -- right there with you, sister. The lack of heat here is about to make me go friggin' INSANE. Seriously. I think that's why I loved that summer road trip to Oregon so much.

    Yes, i've started thinking about options -- Sling says there might be a way to repair it, I've got ot check into that. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  7. Sooooo amazingly beautiful. Don't we live in the most wonderful place evuh? Your camera had a very good life.

  8. I grew up in Oregon, you know. Those are terrific pics.

  9. I want to visit oregon now. Those are beautiful shots. You are really good at capturing the moment in a photo.


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