24 December 2008

Christmas in the Northwest

It snowed last night. Again. They've predicted another wave for this afternoon. We're way past White Christmas here, folks. Picture, thousand words, enjoy.

Holly berries

The little apple tree in the side yard.

Snow on green leaves

A lone leaf hangs on.

Bird house

Icicles over the back door

A side street in our neighborhood.

The main highway being cleared didn't help this semi truck.

And from the archives, especially for Yellow Dog Granny, who asked where the heck our snowman was, a snow goddess from Christmas past.


  1. Beautiful holly shot!

    Merry Ho Ho MC!!

  2. Wow great pictures!!!! Have a great holiday!

  3. Great pics.

    It snowed like a bastard in Boston last Friday through Sunday morning and was the temp was in the teens.

    Now, it's raining and it's going to be in the 50's for the next three days.

    Happy Holidays Cowbell.

  4. Happy Holidays, Cowbell. What RG said about the weather here. We are currently all walking through ankle deep slush. Yum!

  5. oh the photo's are terrific..loved the holly one...and oh thanks so much for the snow goddess...that made my day..merry christmas to you and your beautiful children my friend..

  6. Pft....Please!

    A simple dusting of the white stuff.

    This of course said from the guy who, no more than half an hour ago, was knee deep in it trudging back from Starbucks. Trade?

  7. Gosh, I miss snow at Christmas time.

    Sorry 'bout the cabin fever 'n all.

    Hope you & the child-units had a god Christmas day...

  8. i have a picture of the snow toilet I made a few years ago

  9. Amazing...as an Aussie I just can not imagine this sort of snow...endure!!! I saw snow when i was ten for about four hours when it melted away...

  10. The jet stream is a bastard this winter.

    Many Happy Years!

  11. Great photos...a better 2009 for you...and dust off that damn snow!

  12. Happy New years to you and your family!!

  13. the snow goddess is awesome. dude i am moving to portland in 2 weeks and i am terrified of all the snow. i was told it didn't really now in the pnw and that it just rained all the time, which i like. crap. i hope it doesn't trickle in from seattle

  14. I. Hate. Winter. There, I said it. I feel better now.


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