12 November 2008

This Old Motherfucking House: Episode VI

Episode VI: Tank Trouble

Illustrative purposes only.
At least I think it's Episode VI. I haven't named them all in sequence, so those of you thinking there have been at least six episodes of This Old Motherfucking House, you would be correct. Had I known it was going to be a friggin' series, I'd have started naming them in sequence from the get-go.

First off, I'm home sick today. Not at death's door, but feeling crappy just the same. So I drive Male Offspring to school in my pajamas with the full intention of returning to my nice warm bed. Upon my return, I hear water. NOT good. It's the toilet tank, overflowing. This is infinitely better than the lower portion of the toilet overflowing, trust me. At least it's clean water. But still, it's not doing my subfloor any favors. This happened a few weeks back, but I hadn't really had any problems since taking the tank lid off and yanking up part of the toilet's innards. Apparently my toilet was just biding its time. Waiting for a sick day. A rainy, cold, sick day.

Long time readers may remember the son and I installing this toilet not long after purchasing TOMFH. (You know, right before the housing market crashed. Yes, still bitter.) New toilets are not supposed to cause problems.

So who knows how much water flowed out of there before I got home. Also, the tub was partially full of water. Not sure how that relates to the toilet tank overflowing, since this shit never happens when I'm actually home, but there you go. So I take the plunger, go out to the back yard, where the grass is growing to jungle-like status due to the never-ending rain and my still-broken lawnmower (I was going to get it fixed until I had to pay for the new roof), open the overflow pipe and plunge the hell out of it until I hear the requisite loud sucking sound that is the water flowing freely.

Kind of reminded me of the sucking sound of consumer confidence draining out of our economy. Or the value being sucked out of our houses. Or the jobs draining out of the market. Or the Republicans draining out of the legislative and executive branches of our government. Yeah, let's stick with that one.

I think the pipe is starting to get those damn roots again. Fuck. Like I need a big ol' root growing into my pipes. Always leads to trouble.

AND, I still haven't changed the furnace filter for this winter. I've been putting that off as long as possible. No, I am not looking forward to skulking down to the dark maw of hell that is my crawl space, nor am I looking forward to skyrocketing electric bills. All hail the fireplace and my $50 Costco heater. Also, I've decided we're going back to our European habits - the dryer has been off limits except for extreme emergencies. No son, "But I like the black sweatshirt better than the brown one" does not qualify as an emergency - hang those clothes up to dry.

Hey, it adds up. Just like turning off lights and not running the water when you brush your teeth, right? I figure with all these little efforts, I can have the roof paid off before I have to buy my first walker or dentures.

Oh, and I think our rabbit is sick. When it rains it pours.


  1. Dang! That sucks!

  2. Rabby sick! Hmmmmm! Why not calling? Perhaps giving chamomile tea!

  3. Though the news is bad - hell boardering on the disasterous - its good to have you back. Is it a bad thing when a friend's problems make you feel good about selling your own TOMFH?

  4. wow bummer for all your probems....I hope the rabbit get better. We got the TOMFH update...now give us the Doggie update.

  5. One things after another! Is there any chance TOMFH will just crumble to dust like the House of Usher? Or that you can find some sucker that would actually buy it? Good luck, hon. I'm thinking about you.

    Oh, and the Pats lost last night so I think you should email RG and send him some love. That'll cheer you up!

  6. don't they have a thing called rid-x or something that you put in your system to get the roots?...
    eek..good luck!...

  7. We are still having shower problems. And this is AFTER having spent some long green to have "professionals" install everything.

    TOMFH, indeed!

  8. And then there is tomorrow which should be a better day

  9. And then there is tomorrow which should be a better day

  10. Please tell me neither of the dogs have been chewing on anything....

  11. Tank flooding definitely better than bowl flooding.


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