13 November 2008

Go In Peace, Cadbury.

Today was a sad day. Our rabbit, Cadbury, died today. He was eight years old. The Bohemian got him for her 13th birthday. (I was thinking her 12th, putting him at nine years old, but she says 13th, and her memory on these things is better than mine.) What's really sad is that she's due to come home next week. Teen Demon said it's probably better that the Bohemian didn't see him sick. I guess that's true. He was a funny rabbit with a distinct personality.

He was acting sick yesterday. He wouldn't eat - completely unlike him - and wasn't hopping around. He drank a little chamomile tea last night, and today I fed him some with a syringe, but he really just didn't want anything.

This morning I wrapped him in a towel and took him outside. I just had a bad feeling. We sat in the sun for a while, and I held him his favorite way - cradled like a baby. He was just so still. I think he liked smelling the fresh air and being in the sun though.

When I picked Male Offspring up from school, he went straight to see how Cadbury was. That's when we found he had died. He just looked like he was sleeping. It was almost like he waited until after he'd been outside and cuddled one more time.

It's times like this when it's really nice to have a son. He called his big sister. He got the shovel, chose a place in the yard under the trees and near where the rhododendrons, bleeding hearts, and bluebells bloom in spring.

We buried Cadbury with his hay, his toy rabbit that looked just like him, some of his food, and some lavender sprinkled over him. The son arranged big rocks over the top in a circle. We each said things we liked and remembered about Cadbury, and said goodbye.

The Bohemian with Cadbury at about two years old.

Cadbury shaking open his treat box, as a much-younger Male Offspring looks on.

Scratching an itch

Santa Rabbit with Teen Demon

Bad (but clever) Rabbit!

Moving day, heading back to the States. The kids had marked items (Go or Stay) for the movers. Teen Demon wanted to make sure the movers knew that the rabbit was definitely in the "Go" pile.

Cadbury jumped up on the back of the couch. The Bohemian, age 15 or 16.

Rest in peace, Cadbury. You were good, bold, funny, and loyal. We'll miss you.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss...it is so tough losing a pet...Give each other big hugs.

  2. what a sad thing for all of you. And what a cutie he was. xoxo

  3. I think its wonderful that he had that last cuddle. Baci e abbracci from Roma.

  4. Awww. What a sweet tribute. And what a great name for a rabbit!

    A friend of mine once had a pot-bellied pig named Hamlet.

  5. That's sad. He looks like he was a real sweetie. But he had a good life and it looks like he got a lot of love. Requiem in Pace, Cadbury.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to Cadbury. I'm sorry for your loss.

  7. oh man...im so sorry..now you went and made me cry..
    tell the kids how sorry i am for their loss...ohman..

  8. Sorry for your loss.

    It's hard to lose a pet, particularly a bun that sounds like so much fun.

  9. Please accept my heartfelt condolences to you and the kids.

  10. I am so sorry. he was obviously a character...When the animals we love, and who love us stop eating and drinking its close. they die quickly and without drama. We could learn from them. he looks like he gave good hugs...take care

  11. Man, I forgot not to read your blog! I did good and then I forgot.

  12. Thanks everyone, for your kind words and thoughts about Cadbury. I guess he lived a pretty long life for a rabbit, but still, it's not ever easy to lose a pet. One of the hardest parts was when the Bohemian said, that night on the phone, through tears, "He was our last animal from Hungary ... now they're all gone." That broke my heart, her feeling that connection lost. Anyway, thank you all so much for your good words.

  13. My condolences on the passing of your beloved rabbit Cadbury.

    Thanks for sharing the story and the pics with us.

  14. Oh no! I've read about Cadbury before and know you all loved him dearly. My heart goes out to you; losing a pet is devastatingly sad.

  15. Oh, I am so sorry.....What wonderful pictures.....losing a pet is just so damn sad. We have done it way too many times.....buried a pet. Actually, we have had them cremated and they are in the closet in memory boxes.

  16. OK. Now I am crying over a rabbit I never met. Nice tribute, and I am very sorry for your loss. I am either really tired, or I love my pets more than most people (I think it's the latter).


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