06 June 2007

Up and Over!

(In which I contemplate the sports gene, and Teen Demon kicks high jump ass)

TeenDemon nails 5'1" at the high jump bar.
Up and OVER, hell yeah!

Track season is over. And I'm like, "What? Already?" I should be relieved -- it's a hell of a schedule. I never thought I'd be one of those "sports parents." I always thought I was lacking the sports gene. My sister and I didn't do organized sports growing up. Neither did my parents as kids. Neither did my ex.

The Bohemian's sport is the piano. Girl has some buff fingers.

I remember playing H-O-R-S-E with my dad. That was fun. It was also the extent of my sports experience. Let's just say the Army was a rudeass awakening for my behind. In hindsight, my sister and I really missed out. I think I probably would've been some crazy sports chick, had it been encouraged as a kid. I have discovered a wildass competitive inner bitch, even while just spectating. (Yes, watching the Seahawks is a sport in and of itself.) I guess I had latent sports genes.

Who knows, I could've been an Olympic Curling Champion.

Anyway, track season is over for the two younger offspring, and I'm sorry to see it end. There's something about seeing your kid accomplish something physical, seeing them interact with their teammates, seeing the coaches interact with your kid.  Seeing them feel proud of themselves.

There's also something about seeing your kid friggin' trample every other kid out there, and come out The Champ, The Beast, Yeeaah, GoGoGo, It's All Yours Baby, You've Got This, YES, HellYeah, What Now, Bitches, WHAT NOW ....... oh. So, anyway, yeah, great for a kid's self esteem and responsibility and all that.

Kickassery at the high jump bar:  the 5'0" & 5'1" jump sequences:

5'0" run up

5'0" jump

5'0" landing

5'1" run up

Up & Over, 5'1"
5'1" landing (What now, bitches?!)

Did I say she kicked ass? She was so happy! Her smile was brilliant. So she ended the season as 1st in District, 2nd in League South, and came close to qualifying for State, which is her goal for next year. Her coach says she'll do it, too. (Watch her.) Hell yeah!

She was selected for one of the team's Athlete of the Year awards, which was a very cool surprise for her, and she'll be a Captain for next year's team. You go, baby!

And (rubbing hands gleefully), she got her first letter from a college actively recruiting her based on "recent athletic achievements"! Now that's what I'm talking about, that's where it pays off. She's writing her own ticket, right there. Combined with the letters she's already getting for her grades, she'll hopefully snag a nice scholarship package.

Damn right I'm proud of that shit -- kid works her ass off.

Jump your way right into university, baby, hell yeah.

Okay, that's enough parental bragging for now. Next installment: Dear Son's 400-meter-relay photo finish.


  1. Um, yeah, that's not so much humor, it's pretty much my regular "cheering". (Alright, I don't actually say the "what now bitches" part -- they have rules about sportsmanship. They'll kick parents out!)

    During wrestling season, I add event-appropriate things like, "Take him down! Rule the mat! Pin his punkass!" Stuff like that.

    Yeah, I sang in high school. Drama isn't only for the drama club. Sopranos. Small town. Enough said.

  2. Bubbas' Nightmare07 June, 2007

    I'll leave my rant about college and athletics for another day to say...

    TeenDemon kicked ass, especially for a sophomore! I remember when high jumpers changed from the old front approach to what was termed "The Fosberry Flop" after the athlete that first used the stomach-up approach to high-jumping.

    Empowerment is a welcome thing!

  3. Thanks -- I'll let her know she's got fans of her asskickery, ha! Yep, the flop -- you know your jumps. The Demon Seed is actually a junior. One more year to go. Next year she and the Man of the house will be at the same school, as he'll be a freshman.

    The trick is to keep my sanity until they all graduate.

  4. Wow...you have an amazingly talented daughter...if only everyone had someone that talented and amazing. I'm sure your sanity will remain intact until I graduate. but once I peace out, all my functional first born/peace keeping middle born child skills will be gone too...

  5. that is fabulous. what an achievement, and then to have it recognized by the recruitment letter. you're a good mommy.


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