15 June 2007

Naked Bikers or Drag Queen Softball?

I have a conflict this weekend.

This Saturday is the Fremont Solstice Parade, part of the annual Fremont Festival.

1) It is a Solstice celebration. Enough said.
2) Awesome food
3) Car art competition -- handpainted crazyass cars.
4) Bikers costumed only with paint.
5) Republicans usually won't get within 2 miles of it.

Also scheduled for this Saturday is the Bat-n-Rouge softball game, to kick off Pride.

Drag Queens v. the Dykes. Enough said.

How the hell is a person supposed to choose? What the hell were the softball teams thinking? The Solstice Parade? Are you kidding me? What group would play opposite that, other than the Young Republicans?



  1. Bubbas' Nightmare15 June, 2007

    Oh, there's no question. The Solstice Parade, of course.

    Who wants to see a bunch of drag queens swinging their bats around to hit some dykes' balls, anyway?

  2. I'd kinda like to see the parade myself.

  3. I'd wager that a few Young Repub boys have dresses in their closets.

  4. You west coast kids - honestly!!! Would love to see how this would work on Fete Nationale around here. We could get all the closeted bi-daddies in town on one team or would they be on the other team?? This is getting complicated..

  5. it's an embarrassment of riches :-)


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