12 June 2007


I am loving Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. It’s a big Hell Yeah for women. And a big Fuck You to the media. Dove is stepping up and actively working against the unrealistic portrayal (and expectations) of women. They are celebrating real women, of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and shapes. They tackle several different areas, including:

Print Advertising
Please watch their Evolution ad. You won't believe this shit. It's the down and dirty on what we’re really seeing when we flip through the latest copy of Cosmo or drive past that billboard. All women and young girls need to see this.

This ad could just as easily have been called Exposure. As in exposing the bullshit.

Women: Get it? It’s not real! I mean, did you see that bit they did with her neck? The eyes? The media has purposely and methodically wrapped this shit up in foundation and Photoshop and shoved a pretty package down our throats. And we swallow it. We end up believing that size 0 is normal, that 60-year-olds don’t really have wrinkles. They feed us this airbrushed, Young White Emaciated standard of beauty until our eye becomes accustomed to this constructed veneer, and we think that real is ugly. Old. Fat. Disgusting. Our fault. We think this based on a lie. But even when we know, we still think it.

Weight & Body Image
Dove is also celebrating women's curves. As in fuck that cookie-cutter bullshit. I've seen recent media coverage on beautiful, sexy, talented women like Jordin Sparks, Sara Ramirez and America Ferarra, wherein the Media Tool of the Day ponders the issue of their weight. I'm sorry, but if these very sexy women are considered “fat” -- if they are even in the neighborhood of fat -- there is something very, very wrong.

That’s the media, right there, honey. They did that shit to us. They made us believe that. They have warped our perceptions with that steady diet of skinny, white, child models.

I call bullshit.

I tell you what, Sara Ramirez ever shows up at my door, I’d be goddamned if anything comes to mind other than hot. Seriously, people, have you seen that episode of Grey's where Callie (her kickass character) is dancing in these sexy boyshort type undies, alone in her little camp-out room below the hospital? Goodgawd! How can anyone see that and not fall down at the woman's feet? Please.

And Jordin Sparks? Gorgeous. Stunning. And poised as hell. I was shocked to see that bonyass, sickly-looking FOX news biotch talking about Jordin being "obese". (Lynette's site) Obese? Are you fucking kidding me?! It had never crossed my mind that folks might actually think she had a weight issue. America Ferarra, let's just say it takes a whole lot of work to make that fine female into the supposed "ugly Betty".

It's all about presenting an image to us that over time comes to be associated with The Norm. After a while our brain stops questioning that shit, and we think bird legs are normal. Teri Hatcher is not the norm, people. After we see her type night after night, year after year, we get conditioned to it, and a normal woman actually appears "fat" to our eye. Instead of normal. Because she's standing next to No-Ass Teri. And we don't even realize we've been brainwashed when we autorespond, "Damn, you need to lay off those fries, sister," Personally, I think Teri needs to pick up a milkshake.  And some damn fries.

It really pisses me off, because they've sucked me in, too. Yeah, I can fully recognize Sara Ramirez' sexiness and strength, but I feel that it's somehow "different" for me. It's not beautiful on me. I know better -- in my head -- but there it is.

Beauty at Any Age
Dove made a TV commercial promoting their Pro-Age line of skin products, celebrating female beauty in women of all ages. The commercial showed older women, nude, very tastefully positioned so that no lady bits were in evidence. Profile shots. Limbs artfully arranged.

The commercial was banned, ostensibly due to "partial nudity". Fortunately, you can still watch it at the Dove site. It was in no way erotic or offensive. See what you think.

There is plenty of offensive partial nudity out there that isn't banned. Then again, that nudity usually involves skinny, white chicks in their 20s. Hmm. I'm thinking maybe folks were more uncomfortable with real women above 25 having the nerve to show their skin, than they were with the idea of skin in general. Best keep that shit behind a hefty layer of polyester, ladies.

Girls and Self Esteem

I absolutely love their True Colors TV spot. It's beautiful. Watch it. This is where I'm impressed. Getting to young girls before their heads get filled with this fuckery. Stop the cycle and all that. They have a free kit to learn how to facilitate a Real Beauty workshop for girls. They're partnering with the Girl Scouts on the Uniquely Me! program to raise girls' self esteem. Their True You guide for moms (or aunts, grandmas, mentors) and daughters deals with feelings of beauty. They've got discussion groups and even casting calls for their ads.

Anyway, they're doing something. Check out Dove's site. Watch the Evolution ad. See the truth, ladies. America's top models look pretty close to you and me.

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