30 November 2015

Step Away from the Keyboard

Still alive. Still kicking, at least metaphorically. Since taking up yoga, I've discovered that kicking requires something called core muscles, which I apparently don't have. I've stepped back from the Internet some, people. It's just been so damn ugly out there. Thus the yoga. It's supposed to bring you to a calm, meditative state. That's not really working so far; it's hard to stay tranquil when you're trying to heave yourself up off your yoga mat with your nonexistent core muscles. I used to laugh at those "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" commercials. Yeah, that shit's not so funny now.

Anyway, still here. Just disgusted with the world and its cyber-reflection. I'll have something for you soon. 


  1. [snort.] I will maintain that the humor was not in the fact that the old lady fell down and could not get up, but in what a horrible actress she was.

  2. I'm gonna eat a few cookies and then think about maybe trying yoga.....or not...the yoga part. You can do an extra Half Dog Farting for me. Was that a Clapper commercial...no that was the light thing.

  3. Hell I get on the sofa these days and end up with one puppy between my legs - oh grow up! - and the other snuggled up beside me with her head on my shoulder and I find I can't get up. And that's after the puppies have moved........

  4. I tried yoga, too. I mean, I invested in all the equipment and 'yoga-along-with-me- DVD's. Maybe I should give it one more leeetle itty bitty shot. Hmm.

    Oh. Only boring you with that to say that I was aiming for the same thing - a more zen calm. Did not work. EXCEPT for that one little exercise, where you lay down and let all the shit in your brain float away. It's very very VERY hard for me (and,I hear, for real groovey yoga people), but it's genuinely ... good. It's good.

    I'm sure you knew all of that.

  5. That core muscle thing....yeah. I've been doing planks and I still haven't found my core. I also have no upper body strength. If I ever had to hang on to a bridge until I was rescued, well, it wouldn't happen. I'd not last one minute. But yoga is cool.

  6. Look, guys, I came back to comment. Working up to writing something. Hey, it's a process. I wish I could say I've been busy doing yoga and becoming flexible and strong and zenified. But that would be a big, fat lie. I blame the holidays.

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