13 August 2010

She Lives!

Not to be confused with the religious hymn, similarly titled.

I've been missing out on all of your lives. Unless you're on Facebook. You know who you are. And you've been missing out on me bitching about the requisite lack of sunshine, the infamous This Old Motherfucking House, and other adventures in the land of rain.

I ask you simply this: is it so wrong to consider up and leaving TOMH and moving to Costa Rica? For reals, people. Also, it appears that your favorite bitching blogger may be, finally, working on her love life. But it's complicated.

Also, I've lost 37 pounds, can run almost three miles and will be happy as hell in about 20 more pounds. Although the aforementioned love interest says to stop now with the weight loss. Gotta love that, eh ladies? Nice being seen through a non-US-beauty-standards lens. So yeah, it seems that military training has kicked in, overpowered the Seattle slump that was clinging to my ass like a Puget Sound barnacle, and I'm currently kicking my own ass all the way to finish line.

Hoooah, bitches.

I leave you with these thoughts, for now I must make the rounds and catch up on your lives. I have missed you, contrary to my apparent slackassedness and lack of interest, and will return shortly.


  1. Welcome back!!! You've been missed - the updates on Facebook are fine but....

    Congratulations on the weight thing and listen to the love interest - if they are happy with it and, more important, so are you then "basta".

    Looking forward to the next post.

    baci e auguri

  2. So, Señor Hermoso, likes a little junk in the trunk eh? Have a twinkie - make him happy. LOL

    And, it's about God Damn time you posted something! Jeesh!

  3. Costa Rica?..Really?
    How cool is that!
    I've heard nothing but marvelous things about it.
    Isn't that where they keep all those velociraptors and such?

  4. YAY!!!! losing weight, having some lovin fun and moving to Costa Rica....when can I book my flight....I'd only stay for a few weeks. glad you are back....even if the word count is a bit on thee low side.

  5. Great to read about you again. I was wondering obviously lighting a candle to Saint Crestimento in the cathedral in Urbino works, he heard my prayer.
    Looking forward to reading you.

  6. Go sister! I'm gonna be retiring to Belize or Costa Rica, we'll hook up for cocktails on the beach!

    The Male Offspring is getting ready to spread his wings and fly the nest, so you get to go forth and make a new life as well.

    I am so very, very pleased you have found some one special to share your life with, truly. I hope he realizes what an extremely lucky SOB he is.

    And in the slackassedness department, I SOOOOO have you beat!

  7. Willym: Basta indeed! Exactly!

    RG: Junk in the trunk, oh yeah baby. I just found out he thought I was doing stairs to make my ass bigger. You heard me. I was like, what?! No ... that's not exactly how it works here in the land of skinny bitches.

    McJono: Do I know you? Have I been gone so long I forgot you, or have I been gone so long that you used to be new 'round these here parts and you don't even know who I am? Shit. I've been gone too long.

    Sling: Velociraptors, iguanas, and giant bugs, I hear.

    Rosemary: gotta get back to health and sanity. I'll work on the word count.

    Laurent: Thanks. I guess can handle a candle in Rome a whole lot better than a crazevangelical prayer chain in the midwest.

    DL: Are you serious?

    JP: Yay, it's good to be missed. I'll work on not being such a slackass.

    YDG: Well, you know some of what I'm up to via my FB exploits, but, yeah, it's really not the same. And the getting laid ... well, like I said, it's currently complicated ... having to concentrate on the soon-to-be more than the here-and-now. Kind of hard to get laid across 3000+ miles, but plans, at least, are being laid. So to speak.

  8. Welcome back. I have missed you.
    I see all sorts of interesting stores yet to be told. I love a love story that is described as It's complicated.

  9. I love the good news..weight loss, love life..that is all good..

  10. Well all I can say is YAY for you! And my goodness, not one of us would say it was wrong to run screaming from TOMFH never to return. And Costa Rica? Well, if I didn't like you so much I might have to kill you. That place is gorgeous and this tropical flower would love to move there.

  11. The FB updates are nice but this is the best!

    37 pounds?! Are you shitting me? Listen to the BF....you must look astounding! Of course if you really want to lose 20 more...lay off the Mike's Hard Lemonade!! Drink something with fewer calories gurrrl.

    Love to hear your voice hear...those short FB posts just don't do you justice.

    Welcome back...see you around soon!!

  12. Whoops...that should be "hear your voice here" and to think I spent all that money on college. argh.

  13. Mom -- you know I'm all about the complicated.

    Sage -- only the lottery would make it better, baby.

    E -- if it works out en realidad, you are more than welcome, girl.

    Rodger -- I do love me a fellow grammar freak! And no, I am not shitting you. And yes, beer and Mike's Hard are only for the hottest of hot sunny days. Being a fellow PNWer, you know that means between 2 and 6 days per year. I'm good. The rest of the year, red wine like the French. Well, like the French without the cigarettes. BTW, congrats to you and your man! (FB does have its benefits.)

  14. 37 pounds? That's practically a dog. Not a dog that I would want to adopt, but still. It's definitely a cat I would want to adopt. If I found a 37-pound cat I would adopt it immediately, no questions asked.


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