17 September 2007

The Radical Bohemian in the News

I got an email from the Radical Bohemian this morning informing me that she has been photographically featured in the Washington Post online. (much thanks to Sling for sending me the screenshot -- I owe you a shot.) The media, as I've been bitching about, threw a few bones out here and there, but pretty much it was slim pickins as far as coverage of the ANSWER Coalition's March on Washington. If, however, you wanted to know what OJ was up to this weekend, no problem there.

Guess our Commandant in Chief would rather that We the Sheeple don't know how strong the anti-war sentiment really is. Better to keep us all docile and happy and thinking about Britney's custody case.

According to this photo series, "dozens" of protesters were arrested. Okay, if you want to call 196 "dozens", technically you're not wrong, but when I hear "dozens", I tend to think of a number more like 36 or 48. But that's just me.

Anyway, she is picture #7 in this series of pics. She says they were shouting "shame" at the time it was taken. She says there is another picture out there somewhere of her holding back the media from the caution tape line. I guess she told one guy, "I don't care if you're CNN, that doesn't mean you can cross our line!"

Anyway, that's my daughter, in the blindingly lemon yellow ANSWER shirt and security vest, with the hat and braids. Go baby.


Oh, and the police took her bike, Spirit the Unicorn. She thinks. She and some of the other protesters left their bikes chained up -- in a bike rack -- near the starting point of the march, as it's not so effective to wheel your bike along on a march. And riding in a march, well, that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Anyway, the Officer Smirks-a-lot told her, "We took a lot of bikes that weren't supposed to be there. Did you have it registered?" (she didn't, it was fairly new) "Oh, well, in that case, you know, we give a lot of bikes away to kids."

Already? In the middle of the night on Saturday when you were busy dealing with all those folks you arrested? In other words, damn lefty, stirring up our weekend, that's what you get.

She was told she could not file a report of theft until she checked with the police holding area on Monday. He did not seem hopeful that Spirit the Unicorn would be there.


  1. That is crap.

    If I could, I would buy her a new bike just for being my hero.

  2. JP: Isn't it? If this one is gone, I'm going to buy her a new one.

    Hat: That about covers it.

    Tara: You're a whore. I want nothing to do with your dirty money.

  3. WM: OK, I took that part out. I meant when we were talking on the phone -- wow, so there really were around that many? I'm calling you. I have to find out abotu Spirit the Unicorn. Did she make it out of the bowels of law enforcement? Wait, that sounds digusting ...

  4. uh... since when do you have to register your bike? wtf kind of bull doo doo is that? also, WM is awesome for her commitment, plus she has your face and my old hair. i am a fan. also, fuck tara. :)

  5. I'm proud of that kid of yours, there Cowbell. Whenever I hear someone lamenting how the "youth of America" are apathetic, well, I got my rebuttal ready to go.

    Sucks about the bike.

  6. AWESOME. I feel vaguely ashamed, not having been there myself. But wow -- very cool. Hurrah, she's FAMOUS and $#!t.

  7. You must feel much pride that your daughter is so devoted. I bow to her and you for teaching her so well.

    It's inspirational to see young folk fighting the good fight. If you have to buy a new bike, let me know, I'll send my support to such a worthy cause!


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