23 August 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The eldest daughter left to go back to college tonight. It was harder than last year. We both cried like babies. OK, maybe not babies, but whatever. OK, I did, but not until I was in the car. I hate airports. They could use it for a question on the SAT: Airports are to Cowbell what hospitals are to most people. With all the times we've moved, and with so many of the people in our lives leading the same traveling type of life, airports usually mean saying goodbye. For most folks, an airport goodbye is usually temporary, like a vacation or business trip or college. For us, it's more often permanent, so I guess I've got some sort of Pavlov's dogs reaction going on. This goodbye isn't permanent, the daughter will be back at Thanksgiving. But hey, Fido's still going to drool even if you don't put the bowl out after ringing the bell, right? Airports still suck, it's ingrained.

Where did the summer go? I friggin' hate Seattle summers. It's like you keep waiting for it to hit, and then it's gone. I just can't believe it's the end of August.


  1. Summer really did fly didn't it? I can't get my head around the idea that I should start bracing myself for N.E. winter to hit. Though if we have a repeat of last year, we won't get a real winter, just 9 months of crappy weather, with really short daylight hours.

    And Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. As far as kids go, I just got pictures of the grand-ganomes from Ganome Spawn in the mail. I can't believe it, One is 7 and the Ganomette is going to be 14 in November! Jeebus! How did that happen.

  2. Airports suck- period.

    Saying goodbye to one of your kids is always hard, no matter how old they are! I always figured the summer flies by due to my acute intolerance of winter.

    She'll be back before you know it!

  3. Summer HAS just zipped along, hasn't it? YS goes back to school on Labor Day. It's his senior year, and after last year's departure to France for 3 months, just going back to his dorm at school seems almost tame, but I am still going to miss him so much. I feel for you. I don't hate airports so much, though. Usually when I go to them, it's to go someplace cool, like Scotland! :) But that's 'cuz no one I know can afford to fly anywhere, so they all drive. I almost hate the driveway more than airports 'cuz that's where they're always leaving from. LOL. Chin up, cowbell... she'll be back before you know it. In the meantime, you have us! Now, doesn't that make you feel so much better? :)

  4. Evil-G: we don't get real winters here either -- I never thought I'd miss that crisp 5degree weather with painfully bright sunshine bouncing off crunchy snow. Here it's just one long sogfest. Grand-ganomes, hahaha! Ganomette! That's not like Surfette, is it?

    DL: Yeah, it's not the usual omygosh mykidisgone ihavenolife -- she calls every day, and is very self sufficient so I don't actually "worry" so much, it's just the timing -- a lot of other stuff going on, and we did't get time to do a lot as a family over the summer. and now it's gone...

    Gina: How far away is your son? No one I know can really afford flying either -- it's usually more about being stationed/assigned at a new place. The moving thing. In a way I envy folks who have always been in one place, and whose friends/family are there too.

    and yes, it does make me feel better, ha!

  5. I hate airports too. Mostly because it means I'm about to see members of my family that I have managed to avoid since the last reunion. (that damn brilliant Rad Boheme of yours impresses the shit outta me btw)

  6. Hat: haha! yeah, she kicks ass.

    PS to Evil-G: I meant, obviously, Smurfette, not Surfette. I had this image of a little ganomette surfing the next big wave...


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