26 April 2007


Here's a little something I'm thinking about picking up.

Settle down, people, it's a dog toy.  For canines to chew on.  I present the Galileo, by Nylabone. It comes in three sizes: Souper, Wolf, and Petite. You can guess what size I'm going for.

I have Labs, folks, calm down.

Who comes up with this shit?  First I thought, gotta be a guy, but then ... well, maybe not. I'd invent that shit. This person is either sly and outrageously witty, or completely clueless. Here is the description:

Nylabone Galileo - World's Strongest Bone!
The Galileo is made of extra tough nylon, and is designed for powerful chewers. If you have a dog that has destroyed every toy you've given him in the past, THIS is the chew for you. The Souper size is a monster -- it measures nearly 7" long and 4" across the widest part, and weighs a lot. In fact, we've dubbed this toy "the toe buster"... we recommend you wear shoes when your dog plays with this one!

Souper size indeed. A monster? Well, I don't know about all that. You be the judge.  It does seem to have a hefty girth.

I'm just wondering if it really is indestructible. An indestructible dog toy would make me pretty damn excited, truth be told. Those jokers are expensive! I mean, the ones that last any length of time at all run $10 - $15 for big dogs.  I might actually buy this thing.

Maybe two.  You know, just to have an extra.


  1. I remember nylabones in the years past that my family had dogs. Those examples, however, more . . . traditionally shaped.

    A nylabone shaped like yours, with the swurvy imagination I've got, made me think about this.


  2. That's pretty weird. Maybe when they did the marketing briefing, the PowerPoint has it at a different angle and it looked less like a boner and more like a bone.

  3. They should have totally rocked the double entendres with this one. Give people credit for having a sense of humor... after all, I'd get a huge kick out of seeing my dog running around with a severed penis in his mouth. I'm telling you, if they'd only embrace the peen this thing would sell like hotcakes.

    They really need some marketing weenies to set them straight...

  4. Watching a big labrador chewing on one of those things would make me highly uncomfortable -- I'd be crossing my legs like a girl all night.

    Just sayin'.

  5. Is there a difference between super and souper that I don't know about?

  6. damn, i don't think my husband could stand to see our doggies chewing on that thing. it's quite obscene, isn't it? ;-)

  7. Ha!
    Jay: I'm guessing Souper for soup-bone? I guess that was the best double entendre they could come up with.

    Pat: Oops! Why do you think I haven't posted in so long? (actually that goes back to me needing a clone...)

  8. If you don't mind, I'm going to steal your Nylabone Scoop for my blog. However, I am not going to be purchasing one for the near-sighted Akita that guards my nudist resort.



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